Puff Piece for Colonel in Regulatory Army

The march to regulate every breath we take continues unabated — and, indeed, assisted by some in the media. Witness today’s glowing profile of EPA chief Lisa Jackson, whom the New York Times describes thusly: “No other cabinet officer is in as lonely or uncomfortable a position as Ms. Jackson, who has been left, as one adviser put it, behind enemy lines with only science, the law and a small band of loyal lieutenants to support her.”

Weep, weep for her! Of course, this is silly. Ms. Jackson is a professional political and bureaucratic fighter and while she may have a loyal band of lieutenants who support her, she lacks support from the basic tenets of economics — in other words, she is pushing a campaign that will have more negative tradeoffs than positive for taxpayers and workers in America.

When it comes to halting the assault on free enterprise, this is a good example of propaganda supporting a a regulatory colonel on the march for general pain.

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