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Burdensome OSHA Proposal Aims to Collect Data for Ergo Fight

As others have been suggesting for some time, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) appears to be gearing up for a revival of ergonomics as a major workplace issue.  Newly-emboldened and well-staffed, the agency has now made its first move toward that end through its proposal to explicitly add “musculoskeletal disorders” (MSDs) to the [...]
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Card Check: Will You Be The Zombie Killer?

Sen. Lindsey Graham says card check was facing a tough fate, but isn’t dead: “We had Card Check pretty much tamped down, but it is going to come back up again,” Graham said. “We must protect the right of workers to hold secret ballot elections in the work place.” It could be considered the Zombie [...]
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Boston Globe Column Critical of Governor Patrick’s PLA Support

Today’s Boston Globe column by Scot Lehigh criticizes Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s support of project labor agreements (PLAs) on future construction projects in exchange for political support from construction trade unions in the upcoming election (“Courting Trade Unions,” 3/31). Lehigh nails a key point questioning the alleged benefits of PLAs: But that PLA benefit is [...]
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Americans Worried Healthcare Legislation Will Increase Size of Government

The government is too intrusive, especially when it comes to the recently passed healthcare bill. That’s not just us saying that — more than six in 10 Americans believe it will expand government too much and cost too much for the government (thought that really means it will be too costly for taxpayers). Check out [...]
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Card Check Roundup

Some new items to keep you up to date: Card Check called a “lie”: Card Check is Obama’s un-American bill designed to steal away the right of a secret ballot when it comes to joining a union or not. Laughingly described by the Obama crowd as: “Employee free choice act”, this cowardly bill puts union [...]
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Americans Remain Queasy About Healthcare Bill

The Gallup organization has new numbers out about how Americans are viewing the healthcare legislation rammed through Congress. The bill would increase government intrusion into healthcare policy, and according to most Americans the benefits are anything but certain: Key takeaways: Fewer than one in two think it will improve overall health in America More people [...]
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When You Root For The Lawyers

States continue to consider suing the federal government over the recently passed healthcare legislation that greatly expands the scope of government intrusion into a major sector of the economy.
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Central Planning, Straight Out of Central Casting

The Washington Times has a provocative editorial about efforts by the administration to set wage caps on executives of some businesses. Of course, the argument from the would-be regulators is that the public got involved and now wants its control, which is only natural. Of course, for advocates of the free enterprise system, they may [...]
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Small Business Needs More Help

As Glenn Reynolds would say, faster please. But in that vein, we’re reading an article from Lani Hay of Lanmark Technology and she has some interesting thoughts on the plight of small business. In particular, take note of the difficult-to-follow but oh-so-important issue of access to credit: More needs to be done to assist small, [...]
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Jobs: Always on the Agenda

Well, jobs should always be on the agenda. But, as they say, now more than ever. The Wall Street Journal is reporting: President Barack Obama’s “hard pivot” to jobs, jobs, jobs takes place next Friday, when he travels to Charlotte, N.C., for a speech on the economy. The trip will represent a sharp turn in [...]
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