It’s About What’s Really Fair

Yesterday we pointed you to the first in a three-part series by Arthur Brooks in the Washington Examiner. Today, his installment is on the fight over fairness — some believe in fairness of outcome, while most of us believe in fairness of opportunity.


Proponents of free enterprise must not make this mistake. Fairness should not be a 30 percent trump card but rather its Achilles’ heel. Equality of income is not fair. It is distinctly unfair.

If you work harder than a coworker but are paid the same, that is unfair. If you save your money but still retire with the same pension as your spendthrift neighbor, that is unfair. And if you stay in your house and make the mortgage payments even when its value drops but your neighbor walks away without recourse, that is unfair.

Yet it’s the wrong definition of fairness that’s driving our nation right now.

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