Combating The Blue-Green Menace

Remember the United Auto Workers? The union that helped steer the Big Three into financial crisis and then get a big heaping helping of taxpayer bailout? (Yeah, we thought you’d remember them).

Well, they’ve joined the “Blue-Green Alliance”, which has brought environmentalists and union bosses together to lobby for special-interest handouts that unite those previously warring parties. The general shtick for such groups is to build list of goodies such as cap and trade, carbon tariffs, and the like.

Well, today, the Institute for Liberty has launched a project (the Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity) to combat those groups — and the industry members that collude with them — as they drive up costs for consumers in the United States and decrease economic improvement opportunities for the world’s poor in developing nations. Check it out on your lunch break.

Thus endeth the Public Service Announcement.

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