More Proof, Americans Want To Halt The Assault

A pair of related polling memos out of the Gallup Organization should offer some pretty easy insights to the President and Congress and, we are happy to report, the bottom line is Americans want them to Halt The Assault on jobs and the economy!

The figures are stark. One memo shows:

  • Overall, 68% of Americans naming at least one economic issue and 50% naming at least one non-economic issue as the top problem
  • Americans say unemployment is the No. 1 problem facing the United States at the start of 2011, with 29% naming it
  • More than one in four (26%) say the economy in general is the most important issue
  • the 12% of Americans citing it this month is numerically the highest Gallup has recorded in at least a decade

For perspective, another memo highlights:

The Jan. 7-9 Gallup poll finds 52% of Americans saying it is extremely important for the president and Congress to deal with the economy this year, slightly more than the 47% who rate unemployment this way. Forty-four percent of Americans view the federal budget deficit and corruption in government as extremely important priorities.

The highest-ranking international issue is terrorism, with 40% of Americans rating it as extremely important; the situations in Afghanistan (32%) and Iraq (27%) are much lower priorities.

The environment is the lowest-ranked issue overall, with 24% saying it is extremely important.

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