Editorial: It’s Time To Protect Secret Ballots

We’ve discussed the ridiculously misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” that would take away the right to private ballots for employees deciding whether to join unions and instead install a flawed “card check” scheme. And we’ve told you about efforts to achieve similar goals through decisions at President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board, including the Board’s threat to sue four states where voters decided at the polls that they wanted to protect the secret ballot.

Now the Washington Times is saying enough is enough and “It’s time to pass the Secret Ballot Protection Act“:

Congress can and should take this discretion away from the NLRB. For several years, new House Education and Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline, Minnesota Republican, has led dozens of members pushing the Secret Ballot Protection Act, which would amend the 1935 law by guaranteeing secret ballot rights to workers nationwide. The act would override the two NLRB decisions and end backroom deals. Passing the act is the best, quickest way to ensure employees’ free choice.

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