Off To A Fast Start in the Tar Heel State

At the national level, small business and employers are under assault by regulation and legislation that makes it tough to hire and keep people working—but there are some local and state legislators that are headed the right direction.

Last November, Republicans won a majority of seats in the North Carolina Senate for the first time since 1870. After being out of power since the Ulysses S. Grant administration, most observers believed it would take some time for the new majority to get their legs underneath them.


Less than a week after being sworn in, the new pro-business majority in the North Carolina Senate announced an ambitious new plan to halt the over-regulation of small business and create economic growth. Highlights of this new effort include:

  • A bill to, ” to prohibit state agencies from crafting new rules that impose costs on businesses or citizens,” and
  • The creation of a Joint Regulatory Reform Committee to ” scrutinize all state regulations on the private sector and target outdated rules and regulations that should be eliminated.”

We’ve got to keep things headed the right way, but we’re starting to Halt The Assault in the Tar Heel State!

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