Taking the Government Employee Compensation to Public Debate

The Heritage Foundation’s indispensable James Sherk has put out an argument for reigning in public sector bargaining powers, and a core part of the issue is how much money they are pumping into the political system:

Government-employee unions now spend more than any other outside group on U.S. elections. Of the five largest spenders in the 2010 election cycle outside of political parties, three were unions that represent government employees. AFSCME took the top spot, spending $91 million to elect its members’ bosses. That total dwarfed the Chamber of Commerce’s $75 million, and the $65 million raised by Republican Party-allied groups. As Larry Scanlon, head of AFSCME’s political operation said: “We’re the big dog, but we don’t like to brag.” This spending gives government unions significant political power.

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