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PHOTOS: HTA In America!

Thanks to some great free enterprise supporters, more signs are going in up in the U.S. demanding Big Labor and Big Government halt the assault on small business, jobs, the economy, and hard-working Americans. Check out the latest from our album on Facebook.
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NFL Labor Mess: A Product of Government Intervention

We *love* us some football, but like all things there’s room for improvement. A quick look at the current labor kerfuffle in the NFL:
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Thomas Sowell on the Nature of Unions

If you put one article in your reading pile today, make sure it’s Thomas Sowell’s piece running over at National Review Online in which he tackles the history of unions and their impact on workers and taxpayers. Sowell uses the ever-unpopular “card check” scheme to work his way into the major problem facing America, which [...]
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Cartoon Of The Week (Already!)

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Union Bosses, Bill Gates, and Wisconsin

What’s the heated public debate in Wisconsin all about? Some say it’s about union busting, but really it’s about fiscal sanity and whether taxpayers are treated fairly or abused. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: On the surface, the fight between the governor of Wisconsin and organized labor is about balancing state budgets and collective-bargaining rights. [...]
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Wisconsin, Walker, and Generational Obligations

For those of us who care about the budget crisis and the future of our country, the saga unfolding in Wisconsin is vital for how we fight these battles state to state and at the federal level. But for many, it seems what is at stake is lost in the battling rhetoric. Perhaps a little [...]
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