Wisconsin, Walker, and Generational Obligations

For those of us who care about the budget crisis and the future of our country, the saga unfolding in Wisconsin is vital for how we fight these battles state to state and at the federal level. But for many, it seems what is at stake is lost in the battling rhetoric. Perhaps a little thought experiment is in order.

Let’s suppose that your grandfather hired an attorney to help him perform the necessary task of preparing a last will and testament. He does this to be a good steward of his family’s resources and to give you and your children a solid start in life.

Now, suppose that one of the conditions for hiring that law firm is that every succeeding generation of your family is legally required to solely and exclusively use that same law firm.

What do you think that law firm’s hourly rates would be? Do you think it is possible that your family could end up paying those lawyers when they are not working, or when they drive to a meeting with you, or even when they are not actually working for you but cannot be laid off? Do you think it is possible that the law firm could craft such a rigorous and convoluted system that protects its exclusive rights that you could not terminate them even if they were demonstrably incompetent or even if they engaged in criminal behavior?

Going back to your grandfather, let’s suppose he had a friend in a neighboring state who also had to hire a law firm to help him write his will. However, in this neighboring state, there is no mandate requiring this man’s family retain this original law firm under such unfair, ill-advised, and disingenuous terms. Each succeeding generation of this man’s family is free to choose between lawyers based upon price, quality, reputation, or any other characteristic which is deemed to be the most valuable for the task to be performed.

Which state would you rather live in? In which state would your family have the greatest chance of financial survival and where would you and your children be best served?

Certainly the lawyers would be happier in your grandfather’s state, but is your responsibility to your family or to the lawyers? How would you even fulfill your obligation to your family if you have no choice but to use that law firm?

What Governor Walker and the others are trying to do is end the monopoly system that public employee unions have imposed upon most of the states. Many governors, county and city officials are likewise hampered in their ability to be good stewards of the taxpayer’s money. They are stuck with with the decision that your grandfather made and we are paying the bill.

The future of America’s fiscal security, including the taxes that you pay and that your children will be forced to bear, is being battled over in Wisconsin. But the Badger State is just the start. Make sure you help Halt The Assault on free enterprise and American prosperity by ensuring we treat our public employees fairly but not like locked-in lawyers!

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    GO SCOTT WALKER!!!! You have a very hard job to do but atleast YOU show up every day! When you were running you said this was on the TO DO LIST and you are following through. You have our support!!

  2. Dave Routh
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    I do not know what the motivating factor behind Scott Walker is. I would hope it truly is a love of the state and concern for its future. But even if he is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, it is the right thing. When you look at the problems nearly every state in the union has, when you look at the debt the federal government has. When you see how fancy accounting has covered up these deficits for so long, you have to know something is broken. What Governor Walker has proposed takes a step in the right direction. But it is just a step, a life boat that will only hold 25 people when there is a need for enough life boats for 10,000. Perhaps when some see how much better it is in the lifeboat, more will be made. Lets hope.

  4. MutantBuzzard
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    Well said

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    We are discussing this issue on our conservative expat blog, but it’s mostly Brits and Canadians doing the commenting!
    Any Americans want a say, please have a look at


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