From The Heritage Foundation’s Blogger Briefing

Rep. Joe Walsh (IL) stopped by the Heritage Foundation’s blogger briefing. Rushed transcript quotes from the Congressman, who defined himself as a “Tea Party conservative”:

“If we can get to universal school vouchers … that would do more for this country than any other public policy issue”

“I am a crazy cooky tea party freshman”

“we came here to stop what this president is doing”

“I believe our country is going through a revolution”

We are having a “seismic argument” about the nature of government and Obama’s presidency “woke up the American people”

The House is “just trying to stop what he’s done”

“I think my Republican Party has got to be bold”

“If you believe in freedom, you better believe we’re at war”

“unless we turn this thing around quickly … our kids and our grandkids may never speak to us again because the debt we’re leaving them with will be unforgivable”

Click through to watch Rep. Walsh’s thoughts on video.

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