NLRB Seen As Threat to Jobs, Innovation

We’ve warned, repeatedly, about the radically pro-union agenda by Obama’s National Labor Relations Board, which seems to care little about employees and has an outright antipathy for employers. This morning in the Washington Times, Consumer Electronics Association Gary Shapiro writes about the Board’s effort to tell Boeing where it can—or cannot—build facilities and hire employees. This, Shapiro argues, is dangerous for innovation and jobs…. but:

Unfortunately, it’s not just pro-union policies putting us at risk. This administration and Congress have helped make the long-term prospects for jobs and growth worse by vastly expanding the deficit, raising payroll taxes, fostering protectionism and creating massive new bureaucracies for health care. New ideas will bring America back to its rightful position as a global leader in economic strength and reliability. But in order for new ideas to flourish, we need to strip away the old, failing union policies that are holding us back.

We get so much innovation out of consumer electronics that Shapiro should know of which he speaks. Therefore his words, which should intuitively ring true, should carry all the more weight.

It’s another sign that it’s time to Halt The Assault on free enterprise.

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