Wish-Based Regulation

Remember when “science-based policy” talk was all the rage? Heck, we’re all for making the best decisions available based on sound science, basic economic principles, and sticking to free enterprise.

And then there’s the EPA’s latest effort to push through costly new regulations based on interviews. Unfortunately, the interviews basically go like this: “Hello, I’m calling from the EPA … I’m fine, thank you. I just have a question for you. Don’t you wish everyone had access to ponies and rainbows? Don’t you think money should grow on trees and we shouldn’t have to worry about costs related to our regulations for clean air?”

Unfortunately, that little joke isn’t too far off. According to an article in Investors Business Daily, the EPA did a telephone survey and found out that people claim they’d pay $16,000 for cleaner air (whether they know how clean America’s air already is begs another question). But the main problem is that the EPA didn’t call and say “would you be willing to send us a check for $16,000 to carry out this regulation?” That would have been the question everyone in the marketplace must ask their clients: is the cost worth the benefit?

When government tries to push through costly regulation based on pseudo-economics, it should be a troubling sign for us all. Sadly, that seems to be happening on virtually every regulatory front right now, putting small business and job creators squarely in the crosshairs.

It’s another reminder that it’s time to halt the assault on free enterprise.

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