HTA in TDC: “Big Labor is literally threatening businesses”

Everyone knows Big Labor looks out first and foremost for Big Labor Bosses, right? Well, you probably should.

Case in point, the major setback for organized labor strategists who spent $30 million trying to unseat several Republican state legislators in Wisconsin whose only sin was voting for Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to rein in spending and the ridiculous power of public-sector union bosses. And a funny thing happened: voters weren’t buying what the union bosses spent tens of millions of their members’ money to sell. The lesson was clear to one insider:

“The unmistakable lesson is that every time labor makes it about labor, they lose,” said one senior Democratic strategist granted anonymity to speak candidly. “It’s a messenger problem.”

By “messenger problem” we assume he or she meant that fewer people trust paid power-mongers who tax their own small group of members to fund lavish lifestyles and massive political machines and then ask their political friends to pass opprobrium-worthy efforts such as “card check,” special exemptions for unions, socialized healthcare, and a rash of job-killing regulations … but we’re just guessing here. Certainly, polls show voters haven’t been pleased with organized labor in recent years.

And, just perhaps, it’s because Americans know that Big Labor really hasn’t outgrown its menacing habits. As a Halt The Assault spokesman wrote in The Daily Caller yesterday, “Big Labor is literally threatening businesses.” Building on other recent examples, we highlighted a threat from a union boss to a construction company whose employees remained union-free:

“We are aware that you chose a different path in the Toledo area,” read the message, which expresses displeasure at the business’s unwillingness to acquiesce to union demands, “and this has possibly led to some problems for your company.”

The email continues: “To be 100% clear, should you opt for the same business practices in the greater Cleveland area as you chose to use in the Toledo area, your problems will multiply exponentially.”

You can read the rest, including the other examples, over at The Daily Caller. With Big Labor bosses still acting like big … er, special interests, we imagine their approval numbers won’t jump up too much this year.

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