The Green Jobs Myth

Those of us old enough remember a time when Greens and Blue Collars didn’t play well together, largely because environmentalists often demanded economically damaging policies that would put manufacturing and construction jobs at risk (think: spotted owl and timber workers). Then came a stroke of political genius — GREEN JOBS!

Political genius, yes, because it found a third party — us, as taxpayers — to pay for costlier goods and services if they were designated as environmentally friendly. You know, it’s how we got into the business of loaning money to Solyndra. That way environmentalists got what they wanted and union bosses could fight off declining rolls of dues-paying members.

Of course, there’s a problem when we say we’re creating “new” jobs by having someone install a low-flow toilet instead of a normal john, as HTA spokesman and Miller and Long DC president Brett McMahon testified yesterday before a House Committee on Government Reform subcommittee on the issue of green jobs (see him starting at about the 22 minute mark).

Video of the proceedings:

Mr. McMahon’s written testimony can be found here.

Also testifying was highly esteemed economist Dr. David Montgomery. We’ve attached his testimony, but you can get the gist by his flat summation: “The entire concept of using stimulus money to create a Green Economy is unsound.” But if you’re one of those who like words and thoughts, Dr. Montgomery added that the rush of spending in a boom-and-bust mode is bad, but:

It is even worse when Green programs are authorized in a frenzy of spending that invites rent- seeking and political influence over the selection of projects. This process shortchanged basic research where additional funds could be put to good use but on a slower and less politically profitable pace, and pushed funding into areas of energy technology demonstration and commercialization where the role of government should be smallest and where we have had a long history of immense failures.

Learn more at the website for the hearing.

BONUS TREAT! Note the final panelist and moderator!

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