Most Americans agree that there needs to be enough regulation to keep the playing field level and the economy moving with open and fair competition for all.

The Obama years were chock full of costly and time-intensive new rules, many of which were unnecessary or outright harmful to small business. from the American Action Forum estimates that between 2009 and 2016 enacted more than 3,000 regulations that cost the economy more than $870 billion and caused more than 580 million—more than half a billion!—paperwork hours.

The Trump administration has worked aggressively to repeal dumb, over-burdensome regulations while maintaining commonsense protections dictated by legislation. According to RegRodeo, between 2017 and 2018 there was a rollback of 15 million paperwork hours and in 2018 there was a savings to the economy of nearly $5 billion.

We need to continue evaluating rules to encourage the right rules to:

  • create jobs and get our economy moving again
  • lower the cost of health care
  • improve public education
  • protect the rights of employees

In particular, we need to:

  • Reform the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to make it easier for businesses to work with OSHA to improve the health and safety of workers in the most partical and cost-effective ways possible
  • Enact a federal “paycheck protection” rule to give union workers the choice whether their union dues should be used for political purposes
  • Enact, protect, and reform labor laws to provide employers and employees more flexibility in scheduling, compensation and overtime
  • Increase competition for federally funded construction projects to reduce costs for taxpayers and open the bidding process to both union and non-union businesses
  • Remove state-based barriers so that small businesses can band together to purchase more affordable health insurance for their employees
  • Expand all forms of domestic energy production to allow more oil and gas exploration, as well as increased use of nuclear energy and renewable sources
  • Give non-union workers the same fair access to federally funded job training programs that union workers currently have

We need to get back to having the government act as an impartial referee in the game rather than the scorekeeper who picks winners and losers. That means we also need to block a massive taxpayer bailout of union pension funds.

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