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Election Thoughts: Economy

It’s no surprise, the economy is the main issue on voter’s minds as they think about November. Let’s hope they get educated and mobilized to vote for free enterprise!
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A License To Kill Small Business

Chip Mellor has an important article in the Washington Times, titled “A license to kill.” Is it about a Bond film? Is there a new Jack Kevorkian working his way through vulnerable populations? No and no. The likely death Mellor addresses is that of free enterprise. Mellor writes: Unfortunately for small businesses, however, laws restricting [...]
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On Social Security: Tax The Rich!

There are any number of ways to address the ailments of Social Security, but the most popular right now may be cause for concern. Gallup reports: Of six possible ways to address concerns with the Social Security system in a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, a majority of Americans favor two, both of which would affect [...]
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Where Party ID Stands Now

The latest from Gallup: The takeaway: “More states are politically competitive this year than was the case in 2009, as fewer Americans nationwide identify with the Democratic Party.”
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Oh, The Irony…

Gallup reports that “Energy, Federal Government States Provide Best Job Markets.” What makes this dichotomy so interesting? The federal government, which is growing rapidly, may be providing jobs (and there is certainly reason to be skeptical that those jobs need to be in-sourced by the government) but Congress and the President are pushing a crushing [...]
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More Than Half Don’t Feel Good About Social Security’s Future

Gallup has troubling (but honest) numbers about Americans’ views on Social Security, which we imagine are darkened further by the overall budget deficit and debt outlook.
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The People Speak; Will Leaders Listen

There’s something to be said for elected officials who go by what’s right, rather than what’s popular. But what about when what’s right is what’s popular? Since Halt The Assault launched, we’ve been hitting on simple themes: the government is harming, rather than helping, the economy and job creation. Keen observers will notice jobs and [...]
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Gallup: Americans Still Divided On Healthcare

One chart says it all: Gallup concludes with this interesting note: New Gallup polling finds that Americans remain about equally divided in their reactions to Congress’ passage of healthcare reform legislation earlier this year. Seniors — who were among the most widely opposed to the legislation prior to passage, given their broad satisfaction with the [...]
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Political Cartoon Of The Day

More great stuff from The Washington Examiner’s Nate Beeler: UPDATE: Polling figures say, maybe throw the incumbents out?
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48 Percent Name Economy/Jobs As Top Issues

While the headline on Gallup’s most recent release of numbers is about “jobs” falling to the number-two issue, the overall picture of Americans’ focus remains squarely on jobs and the economy.
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