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Feedback on Obama’s Renomination of SEIU Lawyer

Some insights from the Washington Examiner: Becker’s renomination is futile, as Republicans have even more senators in the 112th Congress than they did in the previous Congress that rejected the Obama nominee. But putting Becker up again gives Obama’s Big Labor allies a useful propaganda tool to help stir up the rank and file in [...]
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BIG News: Senators Push Back on Obama NLRB (Re)Nomination

From The Daily Caller: Sens. Mike Enzi, Wyoming Republican, and Orrin Hatch, Utah Republican, are calling on President Barack Obama to rescind the nomination of former top AFL-CIO and SEIU employee Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). In a joint letter to Obama obtained by The Daily Caller, Enzi, the ranking Republican [...]
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Editorial: It’s Time To Protect Secret Ballots

We’ve discussed the ridiculously misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” that would take away the right to private ballots for employees deciding whether to join unions and instead install a flawed “card check” scheme. And we’ve told you about efforts to achieve similar goals through decisions at President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board, including the Board’s [...]
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Now It’s Unions Vs Girl Scouts

One of the greatest benefits of being a business owner is the ability to not only create jobs and boost the economy, but also to be a source of positive impact in our community. My family’s business is not alone in this, as all across the country small-business owners sponsor local little league sports teams, [...]
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Important: Backtrack on Card Check Recusal

Our friends at The Truth About EFCA report: LaborUnionReport.com is helping lead the charge against card check-by-fiat and its personification, National Labor Relations Board member Craig Becker. The site points out that Becker is backtracking on an important promise he made to recuse himself from cases involving his former employer, the highly powerful Service Employee [...]
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In The Case of Card Check v Jobs

Be sure to check out a great article running over in the Boston Globe on the potential blow to jobs dealt by the president’s use of a controversial recess appointment to place union attorney Craig Becker on the National Labor Relations Board: Politicians rarely miss an opportunity to assure us that job creation is their [...]
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Card Check Roundup

Some new items to keep you up to date: Card Check called a “lie”: Card Check is Obama’s un-American bill designed to steal away the right of a secret ballot when it comes to joining a union or not. Laughingly described by the Obama crowd as: “Employee free choice act”, this cowardly bill puts union [...]
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More Reaction To Card Check Advocate’s Recess Appointment

TheTruthAboutEFCA.com tracked down an expert to offer some perspective on President Obama’s recently announced recess appointment of SEIU attorney Craig Becker. Former National Labor Relations Board member John Raudabaugh said: “The NLRB is now 3 to 1. On August 27, it will be 3 to 0. Not since the New Deal and first six years [...]
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