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We all need to work together to Halt The Assault by Big Labor and federal bureaucrats against small business, jobs, and our economy.

Push back on the Workplace Democracy Act Attack: More than 500 organizations, including the sponsor of this site, have sounded the alarm about the Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren “Workplace Democracy Act,” which would:

  • Destroy secret ballot elections in union organizing to allow Big Labor to intimidate employees
  • Kill the freelance economy by changing who is considered an employee versus who can be an independent contractor—that spells trouble for flexibility for Etsy shop owners, gig economy drivers, designers, web developers, and more
  • Overturns Right-To-Work protections for employees who are current covered in 28 states
  • and much, much more

Visit WorkplaceDemocracyAttack.com to contact your legislator now!

Tell Us Your Story: Email us now with your story of building your American dream through the free enterprise system, and tell us which assault on your business most threatens your ability to help get our economy moving again.